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19 May 2017 Written by: Geraldine

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Goldwyn's Fairies - WinterJust for the Win (JFTW) is a new software provider which hasn’t been around very long. Yet, they’ve already managed to impress us with their new 5 reel, 20 payline video slot – Goldwyn’s Fairies. Thematically interesting, great gameplay, and even better payouts: it looks like JFTW is on the road to winning best newcomer in the iGaming industry. Goldwyn’s Fairies delivers on all of the fronts we expect from a modern-day slot and then some. It has three different types of wilds, a free spin feature, a re-spin feature and even a returning wild feature. It’s of medium volatility, but you can still really up the stakes with a maximum bet of $250 per spin. The hit frequency is actually very decent, we triggered quite a few free spins in about 20 spins to keep us wanting to spin more. Sound interesting to you? Scroll down and learn all about what makes this slot tick, and why we think it’s so impressive.

Goldwyn’s Fairies
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Goldwyn’s Fairies

Type Video slot
Reels and Paylines 5 reels, 20 paylines
Game Features Classic wild, Re-spin wild, Free spin wild, Re-spins, Free spins, Returning wild feature
Volatility Medium
Range of Bet $0.10 – $250
Coin Values /
Maximum Win $158,250 (on max. bet)
Payout 96.2%
Software Provider Just for the Win


Theme and BackgroundGoldwyn's Fairies - GOLDWYN HERSELF MODAFACKAS

Imagine you’re in some uninhabited enchanted forest. It’s ancient. No man or woman has ever stepped foot in it. Here, in the deep untouched depths, live the fairies. There are four, the Summer Fairy, the Spring Fairy, the Winter Fairy and the Fall Fairy. They all guard precious gems, each in the color that reflects their season. Above all the fairies reigns the Fairy Queen – Goldwyn. Whenever she shows her face, you’re probably in for a treat. She brings only good things with her presence. Goldwyn’s Fairies is so immersive, soon you’ll be feeling like you’re just as light and airy as a fairy yourself.

This is the setting behind Goldwyn’s Fairies, and the high-definition graphics and smooth gameplay really do justice by the theme. JFTW clearly know what’s up when it comes to game-concept and game-design. Goldwyn’s Fairies is a joy to play just for the relaxation factor alone, but add to that the host of special features that come along with this slot and you have an A+ video slot. We’ll speak more about the paytable further below, but for now we’re just going to say that each symbol is intricately designed and really just awesome to look at. Definitely a thumbs-up from us in this aspect.

Goldwyn’s Fairies: the Pros and Cons

Pros Interesting concept, and amazing graphics and animations Free spins and Re-spins = a crap ton of free spins The bet range is wide enough to allow player full control over their bankroll
Cons Fixed paylines, which don’t allow 100% flexibility The Free Spins cannot be retriggered within the round itself High-rollers might not find this slot volatile enough for their high-rolling needs


Goldwyn's Fairies - free spin wild

There’s a lot of features to this Goldwyn’s Fairies slot, which is what makes it so exciting to play, and keeps you coming back for more. Like we’ve said before there are three different types of Wilds: the Classic, the Free-Spin and the Re-Spin. They have different effects on the game but they still have the same value on the paytable (equal to the classic Wild). So that’s important to keep in mind. The winning combos in this slot are easy to understand: land 3 or more of the same symbol across the reels in succession, from the leftmost to the rightmost position, and you’ll win according to the paytable values. Simultaneous wins on different paylines are added together to make the total win. This is standard for most 5-reel video slots like Goldwyn’s.

Low-paying symbols in the slot are represented by the different colored gems.

Classic Wild

Classic wilds can appear anywhere on the reels and substitute all other symbols, except of course for the other wilds. Classic wilds can appear during the final spin of both the free-spins round and the re-spins round, but not during the rest of the time of the special features. They’re represented by a very basic symbol with ‘Wild’ written across it.

Free-Spin Wildgoldwyn's fairies - spring

Free-spin wild symbols are represented by a portrait of Goldwyn’s face and ‘Wild’ written underneath it. Free-spin symbols have to appear anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5 to award 10 free spins. The 10 free spins include 9 free spins with the Returning Wild feature, and a Final Free Spin. This wild appears during the Free-spin round, except for the Final Spin.

Re-Spin Wild

The Re-spin wild is represented by a full body image of Goldwyn. Only 1 has to appear on reel 3 specifically in order to trigger the Re-Spin mode together with a Returning Wild feature.

Free-Spin Featuregoldwyn's fairies fall

First of all, free spins cannot be retriggered within the Free-spin round, even though you’ll see that the Free-Spin wild does show up during the free spins themselves. Basically, during the free-spins round, the free spin wild will just act like a classic wild in terms of substitution and value. The bet level used during this round is the last bet placed in the main game. Also, you can’t trigger Re-spins when you’re in the Free-spin round.

Re-Spin Feature

If the Re-spin is triggered and there are Classic wilds on the reels when it happens, they’ll automatically change into returning wilds. The Re-spin mode will continue until there are no more Re-spin symbols appear (i.e., this is the game’s way of telling you that you can retrigger the Re-spin if another Re-spin wild shows up on reel 3). You can’t trigger the Free-spin round when you’re in the Re-spin round.

Returning Wildsgoldwyn's fairies summer

So, what are this magical ‘Returning Wilds’? They’re simpler to understand. Wherever the Free-spin Wilds and Re-Spin Wilds were when they triggered their respective spins, they’ll change into Classic wilds during the almighty Final Free Spin and Final Re-Spin round. This’ll give you a much greater chance of hitting a mega-winning combo pattern. The Returning Wilds can really work to your advantage if the stars are in alignment.

Payouts and Wagering Limits

goldwyn's fairies paytable 1

goldwyn's fairies paytable 2

goldwyn's fairies paytable 3

Looking at the paytable of this slot, we’re quite impressed. It’s normal for a video slot that has so many free spins built into it to operate more on hit frequency than on huge paytable values. But it seems like Goldwyn’s Fairies delivers on this aspect as well. While we don’t really know what JFTW’s other slot games look like or work like, it seems like this is a very solid payout ranking for a medium volatility video slot.

It’s true that you cannot control the number of paylines you bet on, and that can be annoying if you’re looking mostly to have fun and not win big. But, the range of bet is so wide that it makes up  for this. Besides, 20 paylines is the standard nowadays. The hit frequency is about 23%, according to JFTW itself, which is very good by our standards. Overall, this Goldwyn’s Fairies slot can be anything you want to be – a relaxing time, or a high-risk play for the big money. You decide.

Goldwyn’s Fairies: Final Verdict

We’re very impressed by JFTW’s new slot. Sure, it’s not the best we’ve ever seen, but it definitely deserves a place with the higher-quality slots out there. The great graphics, the engaging gameplay, and the great payouts earn this slot a 4.5 rating.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the fairies, and get spinning!

Goldwyn’s Fairies
Play here
Goldwyn’s Fairies: Rating 3.7

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