Gold Rally

2 September 2014 Written by: jambo

Gold Rally is a simple game to play offering a progressive jackpot. The game is made by Playtech and offered exclusively at Playtech powered online casinos. There are what appear to be three reels and eight pay lines. The reason I say it appears to have three reels is because there are actually nine reels. Each of the nine positions spins independently of the other eight, creating nine reels. The theme is based on an old time gold mine with three prospectors riding in an old mining cart coming out of a mine with wooden beams around the entrance. The symbols enhance the prospecting theme and the colors are old fashioned and earthy.

Gold Rally Slot Symbols

The symbols include old fashioned scales, which act as the scatter symbol, mining carts, bags of gold nuggets, sticks of dynamite and horseshoes. When you get sticks of dynamite in each of the four corners it unlocks a bonus round. The scatter symbol is the picture of the old scales and depending on how many you get on a screen, you can win a big haul. The progressive jackpot is won when all nine positions are filled with the scales. Eight scales win you 200 times your bet. Seven scatter symbols multiply your original bet by 50. You win 10 times your original bet for six scale symbols. Five scales get you five times your original wager.

Gold Rally Game Play

There are only three reels and three rows on the Gold Rally slot machine and it only offers eight pay lines. While many players enjoy the newer video slot machines with more pay lines, I always enjoy simpler games. For example, on games with 25 or more pay lines I have a hard time actually understanding exactly what a pay line is and what isn’t. On Gold Rally the lines are easy. There are three lines that run across the rows from left to right and they are numbered 1, 2, and 3. There are also three lines that run down the three reels from top to bottom that are numbered 6, 7 and 8. The line numbered 4 runs diagonally from top left to bottom right. Finally the number 5 line runs diagonally from bottom left to top right.

When you unlock the Gold Rally bonus round by hitting dynamite in each of the four corners an old fashioned map used for gold mining opens up. You choose from the spots marked with a red X to dig for gold. You win whatever amount is revealed from the digging.

You really don’t have many options when it comes to playing the Gold Rally slot machine. All bets are a set 2 units (Euros, Dollars, etc.) per line. Your only choice is how many lines to wager. As with almost all progressive jackpot games, you want to bet on the maximum number of lines in order to maximize your chance to win the jackpot.


This is one of the better know Playtech jackpot slots. The game is strong and with the use of the bonus game, can pack a solid punch to your balance. The design is pleasant as are the payouts, even when not factoring in the progressive jackpot.

Game Information
Theme Mining jewels
Number of Reels 3
Game Features Wild symbol and Bonus Features
Number of Paylines 8
Range of Bets $2.00 – $16.00
Maximum Win $Jackpot
Progressive Slot Yes
Type of Software Playtech

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