2 September 2014 Written by: jambo

Aliens is a video slot machine developed from the 20th Century Fox movie Aliens and designed by Net Entertainment. The movie was released in 1986 and starred Sigourney Weaver. If you have seen the movie, everything including the backdrop and symbols fits in perfectly. Even if there wasn’t anything telling you this slot was from the movie, you would know anyway. It is probably the most authentic movie themed slot that has seen. This slot machine has 15 pay lines, five reels and three rows. Coin sizes range from $0.01 to $1.00 with wagers from 1 to 10 coins per line.

Alien Slot Symbols

The main Aliens game uses 10 different symbols plus a wild symbol. All 10 basic symbols are creatures from the original film and they look just like I remember them. The wild symbol says wild across the bottom and is the Weyland-Yutani Corporation logo, also from the film.

Alien Slot Game Play

There are three levels of game play that you work through. The way you advance to the next level is by filling the Alien Activity Meter that runs across the top of the screen. As you hit winning combinations this meter starts to filled in, however when a spin that doesn’t result in a win, it reduces the meter by one. Your wins receive a multiplier for successive symbols, but sometimes it seems like it takes forever to reach the next level. The first level is called “Search” and is just the basic game.

The second level is called the encounter level. You are placed in a first person position as a marine as you encounter alien creatures. There is really nothing for you to do but watch, however this is where the graphics and animations really shine. It really does a great job of replicating the look and feel of the original movie. The multipliers you won in the first level come to the second level with you and a new meter, the Ammo Clip Counter, is added. If your ammo stays up you continue playing through up to ten levels. Once you are able to complete all ten levels, or steps, you move on to the third level.

The Hive Feature is the third round. It is the second round of the bonus game and you start with five free spins and grenades, which you use to try to kill the Queen. This level takes a ton of game play to access. When you do, the wins are good, but you have to be quite dedicated and well-funded to reach this second bonus round. During this round each action or spin has two parts. First it determines how much damage is done to the Queen’s hive and the second part gives this damage a multiplier. If you can do enough damage on your free spins to move the Hive Health Meter down to zero you win. If not you have to start over back at level one.


Net Entertainment created this slot in such a way that those who are fans, will find it to be a fantastic slot. There are some good opportunities to experience large hits multiple times over due to the features and structure of this slot.

Game Information
Theme Aliens
Number of Reels 5
Game Features Wild symbol, multiplier, bonus fame, free spins
Number of Paylines 15
Range of Bets $0.015 – $150.00
Maximum Win $10,000
Progressive Slot No
Type of Software Net Entertainment

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