Roulette is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most popular casino based games. The game was first developed in France, and later moved on to other regions in Europe, and finally became popular in America as well. There are three main types of roulette; European Roulette, French Roulette and American Roulette. Although the basics of the game are pretty much the same, you will learn that there are big differences when it comes to house edge. In this article we will guide through the basic roulette rules, betting options and the most common roulette strategies.

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    Roulette – An Introduction

    The original game is known as French Roulette, which comes with straightforward rules and layout that consists of French options on the table. The European variant is the most popular as options are limited in English, and more betting options are included. The America variant of Roulette became popular in America, but many regions around the world choose to provide European Roulette. This is due to the fact that the Americans increased the house edge on their variation by adding another zero. Thus, almost doubling the house edge and lowering your reward opportunities by a big amount. However, all 3 of these variants are easy to play and provide similar layouts other than the additional betting options available in European and American Roulette. Placing a bet works in the same manner and payouts are also the same for the different bet types. This allows all players to easily switch from one variant to another without having to learn new rules and features. Online Roulette games have once again expanded on the variety of Roulette variants but still use the same rules and features. This includes Mini-Roulette and Automatic Roulette that are based on one of the old variants mentioned above, but simply provide a different game opportunity in regards to game speeds, options, and winnings.

    Roulette – Betting Options and Payouts

    Online and land-based Roulette provides the same range of betting options, rewards, and features that are listed below. The big difference between the 3 variants is the odds, double zero in American, and fewer options in French Roulette. It’s also important to find out about table limits and whether a single limit applies to all bet options. Some casinos require a higher minimum bet on even money bet options than they do on numbers.




    Straight These are bets placed on individual numbers on the inside of the table 35/1
    Split A bet placed on the line between 2 numbers that appear alongside each other. Place the chip on the line to cover bonus numbers. 17/1
    Corners Place a bet where the lines cross between 4 numbers. 8/1
    Column Bets A bet placed on the left-hand side of a column to cover the 3 numbers in that column. 11/1
    Row Bets A bet placed on one of the 3 rows at the bottom of the table. This bet will cover all the numbers in that row  2/1
    Double Column A bet placed on the left-hand side of the inside table between 2 rows. This covers 6 numbers at a time 6/1
    Column Plus Zero A bet placed in the top left-hand corner between 1 and zero. This covers zero, 1, 2, and 3  6/1
    12’s A bet placed on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd 12’s to cover 12 numbers at the same time  2/1
    18’s A bet placed on first and last 18’s to cover 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 1/1
    Odd/Even A bet placed on the Odd or Even block will provide payouts for all even numbers or all odd numbers. Zero will result in a loss with this option.  1/1
    Red/Black A bet placed on red or black to cover half the table. Zero will only again not payout with this bet.  1/1

    Types of Roulette

    Land-based Casinos

    The most commonly known form of Roulette is that we’ve seen in land-based casinos. These are usually covered with people around them placing their bets and standing around to see the results. In land-based casinos around the world, European Roulette is the most popular.

    Online Roulette

    Online Roulette became popular for online players since before the turn of the century. This allows Roulette enthusiasts to take advantage of bigger bet values and table limits while enjoying quiet tables, fair results, and the same range of features. Some 10 years later, the online market once again impressed as live dealer Roulette games were launched. This allows players to see the dealer live and enjoy the benefit of online Roulette with the live aspect included.

    Automatic Roulette

    Online casino game developers have also included new ways to provide an amazing Roulette experience. This includes Automatic Roulette where a machine would spin the ball and provide results. Players can see each winning number as it lands in the slot and still enjoy all the regular bet options of a European Roulette table. The benefit of Automatic Roulette is that the game is played much faster as winnings and bets are accepted virtually.

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    Roulette Strategies

    Most Effective Roulette Strategies

    There are many strategies that can be applied to Roulette to increase profits and provide a betting gaming experience. These strategies can either include low risk, but small profits or higher risk along with bigger profits. Strategies such as Martingale and Martingale advanced are great places to start, and with a little modification, you can increase profits and still keep the risk low.

    Standard Martingale Strategy

    The Martingale is a standard double up system, which is also known as a progressive system. This provides winnings for bets only placed on even numbers. The system can be applied to other betting options, but the risk of hitting huge bet amounts or table limits are very possible.

    • Choose the lowest possible bet on the table to test the system. For the example, we will assume the lowest wager is $1.00.
    • Then, you to choose an even money bet option, such as first or last 18, colors, or odds/evens. Once you’ve selected a color or other bet option, you would need to stick with that choice until you win. If you shift to other bets while progressing, you risk the possibility of losing multiple times.
    • If you win, place the lowest bet again and pocket the winnings.
    • If you lose, instead of just placing another $1.00 bet, you would place a $2.00 bet.
    • If you lose again, the next bet is $4.00, the $8.00, $16.00, and so on.
    • When you eventually win, you will receive back all the bets you’ve placed, and a make a $1.00 profit. However, to achieve this, you cannot lower the bet at any stage as this decreases the layout you’ll receive, meaning you will risk, but still make a loss.

    Advanced Martingale Strategy

    From the information shown above, you might be thinking that you can risking a lot for a low profit like $1.00, which is where the advanced strategy comes into play. This allows you to enjoy higher profits as you double up, meaning the more you risk, the higher the profits go. After a while, you’ll find yourself wanting to lose on numbers so you can double up and enjoy higher profits. This is the perfect system as you would either enjoy quick and regular profits or play for longer to win bigger profits.

    • As seen above, you start with a value and simply double up.
    • This is very much the same, but instead of just doubling the last value, you would include small increases in every second increase.
    • For example, here you would start with $1.00, double up to $2.00, if you lose again double up to $5.00 instead of $4.00.
    • If that bet also loses, you need to double to $10.00, then $20.00, then $45.00 instead of just $40.00. If the $45.00 bet wins, you will receive $90.00 in total. The total bet values would have been $83.00, which is covered in the winnings along with a $7.00 profit.

    Do not increase the values by huge amounts as it would become massive amounts if you need to double up again afterward. One of the most important things of a progressive system is that you need to be able to double up at least 8 times and cover all the bet values at the same time. The system will fail if you run out of money due to a low account balance, low table limits, or increasing the value too fast.


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