Using a wire, or a bank wire as it is often called, to make a casino deposit is a method to send money directly from your bank account to the casino. Using the methods listed below, you instruct your bank to send money to the account number provided by the casino and once completed, your account is credited with the amount sent. It is a preferred method when large amounts of money need transferred, and can carried with almost all banks worldwide.

    What You Need to Make a Wire Casino Deposit

    The main thing you need in order to make a deposit using a bank wire is your banks routing number or SWIFT code (depending on where you live) and your account number. Every bank has a unique routing number or SWIFT number. Routing numbers are used mostly in the United States, while SWIFT numbers are an international code. The routing number or SWIFT code is used to identify your particular bank and then the account number is used to identify your exact account. The two banks communicate using this information and initiate the transfer. There will be a fee, which is either paid by the casino or will be paid for by you but generally the casino will cover any fees on deposits.

    Is An Online Casino Wire Deposit Safe?

    When you are dealing with a secure and safe online casino, using a wire transfer is one of the safest methods of moving money that you can access. The banks involved use a high level of security software to protect your money and in the event an error was made, it would be the responsibility of the bank and not who was initiating the transfer, unless you provided inaccurate information. However as correct information is needed, the likelihood of am missing deposit is not likely.
    The flip side to this is you are required to provide your bank account information to the online casino where you are making a deposit. While this is usually safe, it does add another level of risk, albeit small. If this is your preferred method, then it would be suggestible to open a separate account just for funding of your casino accounts. This way you can enjoy the security and speed of the wire transfer as well as keeping your money and financial details as safe as possible.

    Where Can You Make A Bank Wire Casino Deposit?

    Most online casinos will let you make a bank wire deposit. Just click on the cashier button and choose the bank wire option under deposit methods. If your casino doesn’t have this option, contact support to see if this method is still available, often this is the case.

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