Ukash is an online payment alternative that you can use for the funding of a casino account. The company name is a play on where they are located (the UK) and cash and

    The way Ukash works is you exchange money for a unique 19-digit code, which acts just like cash at a wide range of merchants that accept Ukash. There are many locations throughout the world where vouchers can be purchased or exchanged. Once your codes are purchased you manage your funds as you would any other e-wallet account balance. Generally, those who prefer this method will purchase only amounts they intend to deposit at a particular time, thereby avoiding the need of monitoring the balance remaining on the amount the purchased.

    How to Sign Up For a Ukash Account

    You can sign up for a Ukash account by visiting their website at www.ukash.com. Click on the red button on the top right of the web page that says “Register” and fill in the personal details needed to set up your account. Once you have signed up for your Ukash account you have access to the full range of products they provide. This includes your Ukash account online, the ability to purchase prepaid Ukash cards, convert your funds into different currencies, combine two or more unique numbers into one balance or split a number into smaller amounts. You can also sign up for the Ukash prepaid MasterCard, which acts just like a regular credit card.

    Is Ukash a Safe Deposit Method?

    Using Ukash to make deposits is safe and secure as long as you follow a few common sense tips. Only deal with trusted online casinos is the first step. How do you find out which ones are trusted? The first thing to is see how long they have been in business and if they are using a casino software package that is reputable. Take the time to read reviews, such as those we provide you, often it is those who write the reviews that have extensive knowledge and are able to effectively and accurately portray the casino correctly.

    The main safety feature of the Ukash system is that it offers a secure and safe way to get your cash deposited without giving access to your finances or bank accounts. The only amount that can be lost or stolen is the amount your voucher is valued at. This is the main reason most people choose Ukash to make a deposit.

    Where Can I Use Ukash?

    The Ukash web site has a directory of places where you can use your account. The categories include shopping, games, dating, financial, communications, sports betting, poker, bingo, lottery and of course casinos. Currently, Ukash is accepted by over 200 online casinos, which are their main customer focus. Many online casinos offer special deposit bonuses just for Ukash users.

    Making a Ukash Casino Deposit

    Making a deposit is easy and straightforward. Simply log onto your account open the cashier, choose the Ukash option and enter the amount you wish to proceed with. You can also cash out your winnings using your Ukash account.

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