Skrill is one of the oldest online deposit options for casino players. It originally launched as Moneybookers 2002 and was re-branded as Skrill in 2013. While veteran casino patrons are quite familiar with the Moneybookers name, newer players have only heard of the Skrill brand. Skrill is regulated and licensed to operate and is a UK-based company that is regulated and publicly traded.

    How Does Skrill Work

    If you have ever used Paypal or Neteller, then understanding how Skrill works is already a skill you possess. If you haven’t, then registering an account is not at all a difficult thing. You need only to visit the Skill website, register an account. After your account has been registered, you are then free to add funds to it using your bank account or a credit card. Once the deposited amount has been approved, you are able to deposit with gaming sites who accept Skrill, or any other online merchant who does likewise.

    Is Skrill Safe?

    Just like most online e-wallet options, the purpose of using Skrill is to protect your personal and financial information by limiting the number of businesses who have access to it. The company that owns Skrill is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which replaced the Financial Services Authority in the UK. Their web site claims that more than 36 million people have accounts and they operate in over 40 currencies and in over 200 countries. They are widely trusted and have the track record to back up his trust.

    Why Use Skrill for Casino Deposits?

    There are two reasons why players make online casino deposits using their Skrill account. The first reason is because it is a fast and easy way to manage your money online. You can send and receive money in a matter of seconds, use your credit cards, debit cards and bank account and do it all from one easy to use account. The other reason is because it creates a secure and safe way to protect all of your account information from the wide range of places you make deposits. Skrill is the only one that would be provided this information thereby keeping all other account information private.
    This type of payment is among the widest accepted deposit method used by online casinos. In addition, you can quickly and easily make withdrawals to your account that use Skrill. For this and the security features discussed above, there is no reason not to consider using Skrill for your casino play.

    Skrill Summary

    If you have the option to use a Skrill, you should take advantage of their security and widely accepted status among online casinos. The use is restricted in some countries, so it is recommended to check their web site to see if your allowed to open an account based on your geographical location.

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