Neteller is an online transaction company that operates like a virtual wallet. Funds can be transferred from your bank to your Neteller account or from your Neteller account to your bank account. Once you have added funds into your virtual account, you are then free to use those at any merchant that accepts payments using this wallet provider. The most commonly used in relation to gaming online is a casino, poker room or sports book. When in positon where you wish to have funds sent to your account, those gaming sites who accept Neteller, will usually forward winnings to the same method. It operates just like Paypal but is used mostly in the gambling industry.

    Is Neteller Safe?

    Neteller was one of the first online transaction services used by casinos, launching in 2000. They are a publicly traded company, owned by Optimal Payments PLC, a British based company. Their service has been used by millions of people around the world with the main reason of success being the level of security its service provides and the ease of use. A strong reason of preference for companies such as Neteller is the privacy and limited sharing of data that relates to financial transactions. This is preferred over each online casino, poker room or sports book having access to your information.

    Where Can You Use Neteller

    You can use Neteller at almost all online casinos operating online. Their service is so popular that those operating without Neteller as an option are generally avoided due to they being one of them most widely used payment providers today. One of the largest advantages of using Neteller is that you can fund an online casino account instantly. Some deposit methods take longer such as funding via a bank account but most deposits into your account are processed quickly.

    How to Sign up for a Neteller Account

    The easiest way to sign up for a new Neteller account is to go to their web site. It is located at www.neteller.com. The steps taken to register an account are easy and you need only to follow the onscreen instructions. Once your account is set up, you are able to fund it through various methods and then access those funds upon your transaction being approved. As an added advantage, a mastercard is offered to allow for instant access to cash balances. A simply application filled out requesting a card is all that is needed to receive a Neteller Mastercard. This will permit you to use any ATM world-wide.

    Neteller Summary

    If you play online and you are located in a country where you can use Neteller, it is the best option from a safety and security perspective. It works in a fast and efficient manner and is widely accepted and is ideal for anyone wishing to make purchases on he internet.

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