How to Spot and Avoid Online Casino Scams

    Casino scamsOnline gaming is considered a safe form of gaming entertainment, however, while there are multiple oversight bodies and licensing bodies that monitor online casino operators, there are some that have succeeded in scamming online players, as well as pulling off larger casino scams.

    There are several ways in which online casinos can be accessed including download, web-based and live based. Web-based casinos provide online players the opportunity to participate in gambling games offered at an online casino without the need to download software. Download-based casinos require downloading of casino software and live based casinos offer players the opportunity to interact and communicate with fellow players and live dealers. There are opportunities in all of these to fall for casino scams, which is why players must be careful across the board.

    That’s why we’ve laid down some of the best way to avoid online casino scams.

    Fraudulent Behaviors in Casino Scams

    Indications of fraudulent behavior by online casinos include refusing to pay winnings and offering members cheat software instead of regulated software.

    Fraudulent behavior by players includes the use of numerous identities in order to claim multiple bonuses offered by online casinos to members. Like any other entertainment form, the development of the internet or online casinos has disadvantages as well as advantages.

    Cybercriminals have increased their activity to keep up with technological innovation across the past five years which stimulated the demand for fraud detection and protection. With heavy research, investment and development the online gambling industry has been able to respond quickly to the rapid technological changes. Escalating mobile functionality inspired the development of fraud detection for mobile devices, while the existence of web-enabled devices gave rise to more complex fraud prevention and detection models. While experts continuously find new ways of protecting online players’ details, cyber criminals continue to attack from different angles, which in recent years included the creation of fraudulent online casino games.

    Fraudulent software developers recreating online casino games generally copy popular casino games or online slots from trusted brands such as NetEnt, although incidence in 2017 proved that relatively new software creators such as Yggdrasil Gaming are also at risk. Recognizing a good imitation is difficult yet possible via lesser smooth spinning action, slightly different symbols and the slot interface could be vaguely different. The property differences are small, and the best way to avoid annoying fake slots are to play at reliable online casinos licensed and regulated via the Malta Gaming Authorities, UK Gambling Commission or the Curacao Government.

    Rogue Casinos and Developers

    Mobile infiltration exponentially increased the number of online players as well as fraudsters, and in 2016 a software developer, Conan Gaming, and Game Tech Group were blacklisted for presenting NetEnt games. Both casino brands allegedly claimed games were from NetEnt when in fact games were fake, once exposed the unlicensed copies were removed, and video evidence of the scam was published on YouTube; brands associated with the casino scams included Deuce Club, Cosmik, Park Lane, Osiris, Euro Moon and Atlantic Club.

    CyberRock Entertainment N.V. Casinos were blacklisted for non-payment and delayed payments deemed excessive after several complaints led to an investigation. At the same time a close inspection of the group’s terms and conditions indicated why players should avoid casinos part of CyberRock Entertainment: If players deposit less than $250 according to the T&C, they were entitled to a maximum withdrawal of 10 times the deposit. It further states that withdrawal authorization periods are between 15 to 18 days. Casino’s part of CyberRock Entertainment includes Sahara Sands, Rockbet, Casino Fiz, Bet Cave Casino, Vegas Amped Casino, Tropica Casino, Slot Powers Casino, Ricardo and CrazyWinners Casino.  Casinos.co aggressively disapproves of such behavior and robustly refrain from promoting online casino not licensed, registered and legit.

    If you want to learn more about casino scams by rogue casinos, check out our comprehensive list of online casinos you should avoid at all costs.

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    Avoiding Fraudulent Online Gambling

    Casinos.co reviews are based on the comprehensive investigation of certification and licensing of casinos recommended as well as its management groups. Other areas determining the representation of an online casino include welcome bonuses, reward packages, bonus wagering, secure deposit options and withdrawal fees and time periods. These all form part of the basis of Casinos.co’s extensive review process in providing members with vital information and promoting premier entertainment at legit online casinos.

    Online software developers use technology to provide online players with the reassurance that their chances of winning are fair. Slot credibility includes regular audits performed by independent third party auditors that certify online games RTPs and RNGs. The RTPs or Return To Player rates indicate the odds of winning expressed as a percentage and are offered in the paytable section of online slots.

    RNGs or Random Number Generation is the algorithmic system the online slot is driven by that ensures that the rate is fairly determined.

    Independent regulatory authorities that focus on player protection license leading online casino game developers. There are several authorities that can do this, and once a license is obtained it indicates that the software provider has been heavily vetted by the independent source to guarantee that their games adhere to RNG and RTP standards to ensure fair play and casino scams. A legit online casino also requires a license to ensure and is required to adhere to requisite standards of responsible gaming, security, privacy, customer service and fair play.

    Recent Casino Scams You Wouldn’t Believe

    1. Affpower Casinos using pirated NetEnt games

    In May of 2016, one of the most scandalous and detestable online casino scams to date was revealed by none other than Casinomeister.com – an extremely well-respected independent advocate of fair play in the gambling industry. Affpower was an established name in the world of affiliate programs – nobody ever suspected anything illegal or even remotely shady was happening. Then, their own casinos were caught out using pirated, i.e. fake, NetEnt games on their websites. This is were Casinomeister got involved, they investigated the Affpower Casinos’ servers and found they were all from unknown servers which definitely didn’t belong to NetEnt. NetEnt itself had to get involved, as well as Curacao Gaming since they were the ones who gave the Affpower Casinos their licenses.

    Why should it matter if a slot game is pirated? Well, pirating a slot game means that you steal all the surface-level bits – like the images, animations and graphics – and change the mechanics of the game however you want. Imagine putting a Mazda engine into a Tesla. Yeah, not exactly getting the real deal are you? That means the casino has full control over the RTP of the slot, and the player will get 100% ripped off. You might as well be giving the casino full unlimited access to your bank account.

    A lot of online casinos got caught up in this huge scam, and Casinomeister has put together a comprehensive list of all the casinos you should avoid at all costs for being associated with Affpower:


    Oh, and other affiliate programs also were involved in this absolute mess: Wolfaffiliates.com and casinopartners365.com. Can you imagine how many players got cheated out of huge money out of this collection of casinos and affiliate programs? Affpower even had the audacity to deny they had copied any games after they’d been caught red-handed (and after removing NetEnt games from their lobbies, too). Honestly, we’re still kind of shocked by it all. Maybe because these guys never got the punishment they deserved and they still have their licenses.

    So, avoid the above casinos at all costs! We know Canadian players can’t access NetEnt games anyway, but if they did it with NetEnt you bet your butt they can easily do it with another software provider or have already done so. Only ever trust accredited casinos, like the ones we thoroughly review on our site.

    2. Virtual Casino Group/CoolCat-Casino.com Group

    These two groups are one and the same. Virtual Casino Group changed its name to CoolCat-Casino.com Group after serious allegations against its fairness and legitimacy but they continue even now. This group scams players by not giving them their winnings, or else by asking the player to verify their identity by sending over specific documents and giving them the round-around until the completely confused and frustrated player just gives up even after depositing money.  Shady stuff, shady shady stuff.

    These are some of the online casinos associated with Virtual Casino Group, and that should be avoided at all costs:


    Independent Regulatory Authorities

    Independent Licensing authorities are federal governments that have enacted legislation that gives them the right to regulate and license online gambling operation. Trusted independent regulatory authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, and Curacao eGaming.

    Casino scams - MGA Logo

    Malta Gaming Authority is an independent regulatory body responsible for the governance of all gaming activity in sectors including remote gambling, casinos, lottery, sweepstakes, bingo, sports betting and games of skill in Malta including both land-based and online. Its code of ethics and professional conducts include responsibility, respect, communication, transparency, professional competence, and honesty. The Malta Gaming Authority protects gamblers by safeguarding vulnerable people and minors from the impacts of gambling, verifying the integrity of games, ensuring fair gaming and safeguarding the right of players.

    The UK Gambling Commission licenses and regulates businesses and those employed by casinos that provide gambling services in Great Britain. The gambling commission operates under the Gambling Act 2005. This was set up to regulate commercial gambling such as the National Lottery in Britain, and its main focus is to ensure gambling businesses are compliant with the act’s standards. Prior to the UK Gambling Commission awarding a gambling license, the following elements are considered; identity and ownership, integrity, competence, and criminality. Player fund protection stipulates that player funds are to be kept in a separate bank account to ensure players will receive money should problems such as bankruptcy occurs. All online gambling sites are required to provide players with updated policies and procedures to prevent underage gambling. They are required to clearly identify that underage gambling is illegal while stipulating legal gambling ages.

    Curacao eGaming is recognized as one of the longest standing and politically stable gaming license providers. Its mission is to ensure legal conduct and the integrity of operators since 1996. A single license covers all forms of interactive eGaming including games of skill, lottery, sports betting and casinos.

    Sites regulated and licensed by gambling authorities also protect players from privacy and security violations. Several
    online gambling sites also receive the seal of approval from watchdog organizations such as the Gambling Commission. Sites displaying the eCOGRA seal of approval confirm that the site complies with the methodology for testing, which incorporates a combination of comprehensive compliance reviews performed annually.

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    Online Gambling Enjoyed Legally

    Online gambling is designed to be fun; hallmark online casinos offer licensed & regulated play via fair games created by legitimate, trustworthy software developers. Respectable online websites pride themselves in offering 24/7 member assistance via telephone, live chat and email while new players are welcomed with incredible bonuses and loyalty are rewarded with valuable rewards and benefits.

    The greatest gambling games are offered at online casinos and include the largest range of classic slots, video slots, progressive jackpots, bingo, traditional casino games, poker and live dealer games. Online reviews offer players a perfect combination of expert investigated facts to ensure fair play at reliable online casinos deserving of online players trust and loyalty.