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    Casino streaming - twitch‘Casino streaming’ is a new-found craze that is taking the entire online casino scene by storm. Not only does it give an insight look into casino gaming as never before, but players build genuine rapports with casino streamers based on trust. Sure, some are more trustworthy than others, but there’s nothing quite like seeing some lucky son of a gun hit a 3,000 coin jackpot on Book of Dead slot completely by chance. Of course, the biggest attraction to casino streaming is that it’s not about chance or luck at all. The idea is that these streamers have cracked the slot game code and can game the system in order to achieve high wins at a low cost to them. If you’re interested in getting into the casino streaming world, read our full article for all the information you need.

    Infographic: Who is the king of casino streaming?


    What is casino streaming?

    Casino Streaming - Wifi

    The concept of ‘streaming’ isn’t new at all. We all know that you could stream music, film and movies on the internet since more than a decade ago, pretty much when the internet was getting on its feet. But the concept of ‘casino streaming’ is much newer than this. It rose in popularity when normal individuals like you and me started doing personal live-streams of the game playthroughs. You may know them as ‘let’s play’ videos. Streaming became more than just the transfer of films between public servers and private servers. Suddenly, people could film themselves doing stuff – and other people were interested enough to watch.

    Playing poker tournaments online, and video poker in general, became instantly popular at the beginning of the 21st century because of the internet. It was a normal transition for people who previously used to spend entire nights playing poker to make the switch to playing slot games all night when slots went online. Software providers like Microgaming and NetEnt were some of the first behind taking slots to the net, and that decision caused a lot of chain-reactions. One of those chain-reactions leads us here, to casino streaming and its popularization.

    What is casino streaming?

    Casino Streaming - gaming

    Basically, one player who has a ton of experience under their belts will record playing slots live by streaming it through their channel. These aren’t your average run-of-the-mill players. They’re people who’ve racked up hours on hours of playing slots, and who’ve cracked the ‘code’ on how they work. That’s right, they’ve played so many slots for so long that they’ve worked out the algorithm of specific slots, and know when a slot is due to ‘cash-out’.

    Now, we’d normally say that the idea that a slot is ‘due’ to cash-out is pure fiction. Online slots operate on the basis of an RNG (Random Number Generator), so you never know what the next spin will bring. But – and that’s a huge but – there are some slots, from some providers, at some casinos, that have certain ‘tells’, like a person would when playing poker. There are many myths floating around the forums about these ‘tells’, but usually the most popular casino streamers have reliable enough info to bank a lot of their money on them.

    And that’s what casino streaming is: expert players who try and impart their wisdom on taking advantage of slots.

    How did it start?

    Casino streaming - YouTube

    This wouldn’t have been possible without a platform like YouTube, established in 2004. Major gaming channels on that website soon started doing live-streams as a better, more direct way of connecting with their audiences. It also made it easier to show users how to play a game from A to Z, without the risk of editing out something important in post-production. Streaming proved highly popular, with thousands of viewers at a time logging in and keep track of the stream.

    YouTube is untouchable in terms of users and number of channels, but it was Twitch that exploded live streaming, and as a result casino streaming. Twitch was created a full 17 years after YouTube, in 2011, but it quickly found its niche in gaming live-streamers. Now it has over 100,000,000 unique visitors every month and 1.8 million streamers who’ve formed a community just to be able to talk about games. It works perfectly – gamers can show off their skills, and their viewers can learn from said skills.

    Casino streaming - twitch

    It’s easy to see how live-streaming soon took over the casino world as well. Casino streaming allows experienced players who’ve spent hours playing slot games to share their knowledge with other passionate players. The fact that the stakes are much higher when you’re watching a casino streaming channel versus a normal streaming channel heightens the excitement. When there’s a lot of money on the line, everything becomes double the risk and double the fun.

    Eventually, major online casinos started to pick up on how successful casino streaming was becoming. They started to endorse or sponsor certain streamers, which not only pushed the industry further but opened up all new ways of advertising. In no time at all, casino streaming has become mega popular and mega successful because of the players behind it, and the casinos behind the players.

    The best casino streamers

    Casino streaming - LeoVegas

    As great as casino streaming and casino streamers are, you have to be careful on who to watch. Some of these casino streamers don’t actually use their own money to play, but use credits given to them by the casino who’s sponsoring them. That means they’re advertising to make players risk their money paying certain slots, while their money is completely safe.

    But some websites out there have made it their mission to regulate casino streaming and offer players only the best content, from trusted casino streamers. Here are a few of our own favorite channels, who we’d recommend you check out:


    This channel has just around 80 videos published. With a follower number like 6,000, it’s a good indication of the level of quality of his videos. Most of the online casinos featured on his channel also include IGC casinos. David is known for his big wins and consistently good gameplay.

    Casino Streaming - Rizk


    LetsGiveItASpin is by far the biggest channel for casino streaming on Twitch. With over 300 recorded videos and a huge following of 13,000 subscribers, this guy is no joke. Like many others, Kim used to be a professional poker player before making the switch to casino streaming. He plays mostly on LeoVegas Casino, because of their wide game selection.


    Slotspinner is another heavy-weight when it comes to followers, with over 3,000 subscribers and 250 videos. He’s mostly a Guts player, again because of their huge gaming collection and generous promos and bonuses. He’s beloved by all for his massive wins and over-the-top reactions (as they’re all known for, really). Definitely someone to keep an eye out for.


    Casino streaming - Kaboo

    RocknRolla(aaaaaaaa) is a Brit on a mission. His Twitch channel is probably the most popular among casino streamers right now, with over 14,000 subscribers and just 20 videos. His choice of slots is varied, but he’s also known for trying his hand at table games too. One thing’s for sure: he really loves winning. And it’s truly entertaining watching him win.


    While Blackcatseven isn’t as big the above streamers – he’s on the up and up. As his follower number steadily increases (it’s currently at 2,124), so does his popularity and video quality. He has a total of 115 videos. Some of his most popular being streams of him playing Immortal Romance, Dead or Alive and Vikings go Berzerk. This is one casino streamer you should keep an eye on.

    Big wins from casino streamers

    Since casino streamers are pros at what they do, it’s normal that they hit regular big wins. But some of these hits are bigger than others, and who doesn’t love to see someone win a bunch of money? Not to mention, the look on these guys’ faces never gets old. We don’t really blame them, we’ve no idea how’d we react if we won a casual $10,000 in one spin. We’ve listed the top three most amazing wins in casino streaming recent history. They’re the kind of wins that make you itch to get playing ASAP, in the hopes of getting even half the value of those winning combos.

    Slotspinner – 20,000 coins on Book of Dead

    Casinomon – Red Hot Wild

    Watch live video from casinomon on www.twitch.tv

    LetsGiveItASpin – Golden Fish Tank

    Watch live video from LetsGiveItASpin on www.twitch.tv

    RocknRolla – Ted Slot

    Blackcatseven – Immortal Romance