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    About – Casinos.co

    Casinos.co is devoted to providing Canadians comprehensive and precise information relating to gambling online. Our objective is to construct an atmosphere that is relaxing and one that has information that is not only relevant but based on facts that are accurate and informative.

    With that goal in mind, we include a large number of casino and slot reviews. These include those handpicked by our team, who collectively have over 26 years’ experience with online casinos and understand that it is the factors often overlooked by many that make the difference when it comes to choosing a casino online to play with. We chose to create this site in order to share that knowledge with you as we wanted to create a comprehensive and informative site that will benefit those that visit and play with those casinos we know to have made the grade.

    We take pride in that honestly and in our detailed casino reviews. Asa team, we continue to work diligently to improve and build upon the information we include on this site. In the event that you have suggestions on how we could improve, then please contact us at your leisure. We always welcome your comments and feedback.

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